Cold Chain Supply

We have a rich experience for storage & distribution of cold chain products and are equipped with all necessary tools to preserve the quality and efficacy of these temperature controlled products from storage till delivery to customers.

General Distributors has cold storage facilities that are designed according to latest and advanced technology. These cold storage facilities have also been validated for various temperature distribution studies.

General Distributor Ensures uninterrupted series of storage and distribution activities at a given temperature. We offer this service for pharmaceutical industries providing one common temperature of 2.0°C to 8.0 °C.

The worst case temperature studies are conducted in summer and winter seasons on shipping containers in order to ensure product’s integrity and efficacy at the time it reaches to our establishments. An ongoing temperature monitoring program is in place and uses Data loggers for temperature recording 24 hours.

In pharmaceuticals the specific temperature tolerances depends on the actual product being mobilized. This is most important in transporting vaccines and life saving drugs.

Our fleet of vehicles reduce the risk of liability and ensure safety while transporting and distributing vaccines, life saving medicines and other items.

With temperature monitoring and system reliability, our clients can be assured of efficient, safe and consistent service in accordance with good cold chain management practices.